The Increndable Bendable Ass

The Increndable Bendable Ass


Only at Braytopia will you find this utterly ridiculous bit of shwag!


It's a bendable plasticish/rubberish donkey.  And Bob writes his name on it.  Un-fucking-real.


Here's the cool thing though: you could end up with a real collector's item!


There are 12 donkeys with silver signatures and only 6 with gold signatures.  These cannot be bought outright.  All donkeys have been prepackaged so we're just gonna grab and ship. 


If you're one of the lucky ones who gets a gold- or silver-autographed donkey please be sure to post a pic on R.C.'s FB fanpage and on 50 Shades and you'll receive 15% off your next  Braytopia purchase over $25.00.


If you aren't one of the lucky ones who gets a gold- or silver- autographed donkey and want 15% off your next Braytopia purchase over $25.00, post a pic of you in a public place holding your donkey and a sign that says, "I'm a loser-ass donkey.  Thanks RCBRAY.COM!" in big-ass letters.






  • Autographs

    Despite using traditional autographing implements (Sharpie, paint pen,etc.) we cannot guarantee Bob's scribble will hold up to continued use of product.