The Martian MP3-CD (Autographed/Personalized)

The Martian MP3-CD (Autographed/Personalized)


The original... well... not the original original version of The Martian by Andy Weir as released by Podium Publishing (now Podium Audio) back in 2013.  You've got a better chance of Bob coming out of your butt and doing an impression of the Alien in Spaceballs than you do of finding that version.


No, this is the 2014 Podium Publishing release of the Random House version of The Martian.  The one Bob won his 2015 Audie Award in Science Fiction for.  The one that's no longer available.  Unless you already have it on your phone or other digital listening device, this is the only way to get it.  Well, there are probably (definitely) ways you can find an illegal digital copy online somewhere, but that's not what this product here is.  This is an R.C. Bray autographed MP3-CD that you can only find on the black market in Russia or being used to balance an old chair with one short leg in a church in Reno.  And those probably aren't autographed.  And they definitely don't have your name and special message on it!


The point is there are only a limited number of these available.  Not even Bob has access to any more copies.  So if you want one, grab one.  If you don't, we don't blame you.  That's a shit ton of money to spend to have some audiobook narrator scribble his name on old technology with Matt Damon's face on it.  But hey!  We won't stop you if you do!


In regards to the personalization.  Bob, for the sole purpose of being a dick, will be extremly literal.  If you tell us to have Bob write whatever he wants on it, Bob will write "whatever he wants."   Bob is a very impatient douchebag.  He doesn't have time to 'think' about how to personalize something to a complete and total stalk... stranger.  So please be sure to tell us exactly what you'd like your personalization to be.  And please try to keep it under a couple of sentences or you won't be able to decipher it as his handwriting can be absolute shit.



  • Autographs

    Despite using traditional autographing implements (Sharpie, paint pen,etc.) we cannot guarantee Bob's scribble will hold up to continued use of product. 

  • Return Policy

    No refund(s) or exchange(s) can be made for this item for any reason.