The Ol' Monkey Chained to a Banana Thing

The Ol' Monkey Chained to a Banana Thing


That's right!  This popular piece of shit is back!!


Join the other idio.... superfans who ordered this exact same fake as hell plastic banana/monkey-on-a-chain combo back when Bob's original store was open. 


Here's how this R.C. Bray exclusive item is made. One of Bob's children works for free by shoving a chain into the end.  That chain is then connected to an eye hook that's been screwed directly into a 2" monkey's head.  And then, Bob attempts to write his name on it for you.  Now if that's not good family fun we don't know what is!


(Your monkey(s) may be posed differently than shown).


  • Autographs

    Despite using traditional autographing implements (Sharpie, paint pen,etc.) we cannot guarantee Bob's scribble will hold up to continued use of product.